Activities For Seniors

Wales Home Residents are offered a number of activities adapted for seniors, catering to their specific needs, interests and abilities. These activities are geared not only to fulfill the residents’ physical needs, but also their emotional needs. The Activity Department encourages both indoor and outdoor activities, weather permitting.


A Warm Welcome

New Wales Home Residents are all welcomed by the Activity Director, and are issued:

  • A calendar of the month’s events and resident activities;
  • A Wales Home Chatter, detailing the month’s events;
  • A small booklet with in-depth descriptions of all resident activities/services offered to seniors at The Wales Home.

A short interview allows the Activity Director to provide details on the various events and to learn about the new resident’s interests and abilities and their specific needs.

This meeting also represents an opportunity for new residents to connect with a member of the personnel – which can sometimes smooth the transition to a seniors’ home. For some seniors, this transition to a new home can be quite difficult. Finally, a photo for the ID Card is taken, and the Activity Director explains where his/her office is and provides the telephone number where he or she can be reached.


Please click on an activity for seniors with your computer mouse to learn more .


Leisure, Social Occasions
– Dances
– Bingo
– Brunch
– Lunch outings
– Coffee break
– Birthday Celebrations
– Card parties
– Happy Hour
– Teas
– Library
– Entertainment
– Games
– Movies 

Developmental Activities
– Crafts
– Sing songs
– Baking
– Painting class
– Zootherapy

Spiritual Activities
– Church services
– Communion
– World Day of Prayer
– Festive spiritual celebrations
– Hymn sing

– Bible Study

Physical Activities
– Dances
– Exercises
– Fishing
– Lunch outings
– Carpet bowling

– Walking Club


– Shopping
– Tuck Shop
– In-home shopping

Support Services
– One-on-One Visits
– Visits from clergy (on request)
– Students on work placements assisting residents

– Internet access for residents

E-mail Carol Ann McElrea, Activity Coordinator and Social Intervenor: