AeroScout’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

The Wales Home has recently implemented another Best Practice, AeroScout’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS). RTLS is a wireless infrastructure which monitors resident wandering and helps increase independence while creating a secure homelike environment.

Cleveland, Quebec – In September 2011, the Résidence Wales Home and CHSLD Wales Inc. (herein after referred to as The Wales Home) appointed Microage and PRIVAL for the deployment of a RESIDENT MONITORING SYSTEM. The system is more than just an emergency call bell; it is a safety solution that quickly informs the medical personnel of the exact location of those requiring emergency assistance throughout the building and exterior grounds of the Wales Home. To the interview with CBC click on this link:

Founded in 1921, The Wales Home provides a continuum of care for up to 200 seniors who range from being completely independent to those requiring specialized long-term care (CHSLD). Its mission is to respect the dignity of all seniors by providing them with a clean, safe and homelike environment while promoting independence, friendship and comfort for its residents and provide a welcoming atmosphere for their friends and families.

Aeroscout’s impressive technology and their experience in the healthcare market made it a unanimous decision for the Wales Home when choosing a resident monitoring system. This user-friendly Wi-Fi based solution has helped the Wales Home optimize patient safety and quality of care. AeroScout offers the most comprehensive solution such as, indoor and outdoor coverage, reports on response time, and alerts with detailed information within 30 seconds.

Wales Home residents have recently been provided with an emergency bracelet which allows them to call for immediate assistance throughout the 6 acre building and exterior grounds of the Wales Home by simply pressing an alert button.

AeroScout's Wi-Fi-based client devices send an alert signal to the nurse’s computer and to the iPods which are carried by the medical personnel. The system provides visibility data which displays maps in order to quickly locate the resident requesting assistance. The system also sends alerts to the medical personnel when a resident enters a restricted area. The RTLS also sends alerts for staff distress, provides surveillance of room temperature, monitors equipment, and much more. 

With the installation of AeroScout’s Real-Time Location System, the recent modernization of its 85 bed CHSLD, creation of the AVIVA therapeutic garden for beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, it is safe to say that the Wales Home continues to move in an upward positive direction. Innovative, advancement, and development, are the three words that come to mind with these current improvements. These latest investments elevate the standard of care to a definitive professional level. The Wales Home would like to thank both MicroAge and PRIVAL for their professional services throughout the project. Brendalee Piironen – Executive Director – Résidence Wales Home & CHSLD Wales Inc.

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