Annual Financial Campaign


The ninety-first annual report of The Residence Wales Home for the year ended March 31st, 2010 has just been published. I am overwhelmed by feelings of extreme gratitude as I clearly see that a strong foundation is being laid for a very solid and vibrant seniors' facility.

The pillars that provide support to sustain such an institution as the "Wales" are

  1. Devoted employees

  2. Focused Executive Management

  3. A caring community

I see all three of these having gained strength and prominence during the past year and I know that with all the possible energy and enthusiasm – We're going full steam ahead!!!

A strong financial balance sheet (money in the bank) cannot be achieved without the three pillars providing a well balanced support system and the annual fund raising campaign injects more than just dollars into the Foundation's treasury. I assure you that a successful campaign builds employee pride, executive excellence, and community 'participaction'.

This year I am aiming higher still, to enable the Wales Home to plough ahead in its quest to continuously improve its offerings to the elderly. The goal is "Half-a-Million" and I am confident you, the "Friends of Wales" will help me get there.

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, and to invite you to visit the "Wales" to witness the workings of this very unique institution.


Nils Bodtker
Campaign Chairman
Wales Home Foundation

Mr Ralph Farley
Wales Home Foundation

Please join us on October 7th 2010, at 7:00 PM in the living room of the Wales Home for a wine and cheese to kick off our biggest financial campaign yet!!!!