Comfort And Care

The Wales Home provides a continuumof care for up to 200 seniors who range from being completely independent to those requiring long-term care:

Apartment                                                         21 units 
Fourth Floor Private Rooms                          13 units
Ambulatory                                                       81 units
Central (light care)                                          13 units
Norton 3 (Heavy Care)                                    23 units
Norton 2 (Alzheimer’s Unit)                           23 units
Norton 1 (beginning stages of Alzheimer's) 23 inits
The Wales Home has bright and home-like common areas, such as the Main Living Room, the 4th Floor Recreation Room, and Solariums on each floor. The Main Living Room is a large open area where most of the activities offered at the Wales Home take place.  The 4th Floor Recreation Room offers another area for activities to take place, such as painting, happy hour and scheduled teas. Families can also use this room to enjoy a private meal or activity with their family member.  The Solariums are spacious, sunny rooms, located on each floor. They provide a peaceful place to rest or visit with a gorgeous view of the countryside.   The Wales Home is completely wheelchair accessible. Residents have the ability to access every corner of the building using our three elevators.


Wales Home residents who are 70 or older are entitled to a 30% tax credit.

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Alzheimer Special
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Ambulatory Sectors
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