December 2016’s Wales Home News

by: Rebecca Taylor

December at the Wales Home is one of the most magical times of the year. The building is decorated like a Christmas wonderland and there are tons of exciting activities every day. Here are just some of the month’s highlights. Despite some struggles with illness this month for some residents and some floors being temporarily closed to visitors, activities continued for those who were able to attend.  For more information, you can visit our website at and Facebook page at for photos, news updates and a copy of the monthly activity calendar and chatter. You can also give us a call at 819-826-3266 for information on admissions, pricing etc., or if you’d like to become a volunteer. We are currently seeking volunteers to drive residents to/from medical appointments.


Vanessa Johnston finished her stage with the activity department on the 1st of December and we would like to wish her well in the future. She continues to work with us on staff. On the afternoon of the 1st, the Veterans Christmas party (hosted by the Legion, Branch 15) took place in the main living room. On the evening of the 1st, the young square dancers gave a wonderful performance for residents in the main living room. On the 2nd, the children of the Roxton Singers performed Christmas songs for the residents in the main living room. The local girl guides hosted a party for the veterans on the 3rd. This Christmas Cantana was held in the main living room on the 4th. On the 5th, zootherapy was held in the living room and in the CHSLD units. Some of the multitude of fluffy, furry and feathered animals even dressed up for the holidays.


All floors enjoyed a Christmas party. Each one had special musical guests: Donna & Sidney Mills and friends (Manning/Shaw 2 party), Paul Richard (Manning/Shaw 1 party), Donna Noel-Hodge (Central party), John & Sylvia Luxton (Norton 1, 2 and 3 parties), and Ron Hazelton & Janice Graham (Shaw 4 and apartment party).


On the afternoon of the 9th, Jamie Crooks and friends from many departments at Bishop’s University gave a beautiful acapella musical performance in the main living room. Isabelle Gosselin’s students who are children gave a piano/violin concert in the living room on the afternoon of the 10th.  Once again this year we had our own Wales Home choir. They practiced a few times before their performance on the 15th. Donna Noel-Hodge played the piano for this amazing event. The Frazer family (who are the family of Dr. Robert Frazer who comes to the Wales Home) gave an amazing performance in the living room on the afternoon of the 17th. A special Christmas bingo was held on the 19th. A Christmas light tour which was followed by hot chocolate in the living room took place on the evening of the 19th. There was Christmas caroling and an advent service on the evening of the 20th. A violin and guitar concert (Laurent Hebert and a friend) was held on the afternoon of the 22nd in the living room. A Christmas happy hour was held on the afternoon of the 23rd. Thank you to our musicians and choir for making it a special afternoon. It included an amazing rendition of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ A New Years dance was held in the main dining room on the afternoon of the 29th. Entertainment for this toe-tapping, hand-clapping good time was provided by Donna and Sidney Mills. A special holiday story telling event took place in the living room on the afternoon of the 30th.


We also had some sales this month including a Tupperware sale and a bake sale on the 5th, and a chocolate and miscellaneous goodies sale on the 21st.


Welcome to Phyllis Buck who became a resident this month and to Gordon Budning who is spending some time with us. We would like to wish Eleanor Besmargian well as she has returned home after convalescing with us. Also, best wishes to Dot Gunter who has moved. Our sympathies are extended to the family and friends of Thelma Westman.


If you are looking for ideas for an interesting book to read, copies of “Memories Everlasting,” are still available for sale exclusively at the Wales Home.  They are $20 and can be purchased by contacting Rebecca Taylor by phone at 819-826-3266 ext.221 or by e-mail at Mailing is available for an additional cost. All proceeds from the sale go to the Wales Home Foundation. We are currently working on the sequel which will be titled “Timeless Memories.”


This month we have so many people to thank for their many contributions to the home. We would like to especially acknowledge the immense amount of community support that we get from so many far and near, and thank the Wales Home Ladies Auxiliary for all that they do to make Christmas bright for our residents. Until next month, when we will see what the new year brings.