Food And Dining

Regular Services :
Nutritious home-cooked meals are prepared and served to residents in an environment that promotes companionship with fellow residents. An alternate meal or special diets are available (i.e. gluten free, diabetic, etc.). Three meals a day and snacks are included in the room and board price for people living in the Nursing Care, Alzheimer’s and Ambulatory units, as well as those on 4th floor, and can be included for apartment residents at their request.
A six-week menu is prepared and posted. Should a resident choose not to go to the dining room for a meal, a stocked kitchenette is available on specific units, and tray service is available.

Physical Accommodations:
The kitchen and dining rooms are clean, organized areas of the home. The dining rooms are completely wheelchair accessible and are large open areas overlooking the St. Francis River.

Residents enjoy their meals in the bright and spacious dining room. Elevator service to all floors makes the dining room accessible for all residents. Tray service is available at an additional fee for those requesting this service. A stocked kitchenette is available on each floor for a light meal or snacks. Elevators are operated by the staff at meal times to facilitate the movement of our residents to and from the dining room. The dining room also offers residents the option of bringing their family to dinner with them for a small fee. 

No extra cost for people on the ambulatory care units, long term care units, Alzheimer’s unit and living on the fourth floor.

Meal Cards (based on a 30 day month)

Breakfast: $106.00/ month
Lunch/Dinner: $230.00/month
Supper: $168.00/month
Trays: $115.00/month
Note: One month = 30 meals



Regular Meals:
Breakfast: $5.00
Lunch: $10.50
Supper: $6.50
Special Meals: $13.50/ person
Children under 12: Prices are half price.

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