Wales Home Foundation’s Candlelight Evening 2016

Our 5th annual candlelight evening of memories will take place on Friday, October 14th, 2016 at 7 PM in the main living room of the Wales Home.

In 2012, when we started  this fundraiser, we sold 540 candles and last year we sold 1074, nearly doubling our  sales…This would not be possible without your  support!

These funds have helped the Wales Home Foundation  finance numerous projects including a Sky Factory Image for Norton 2 and equipment for our  Wellness room.

This year our goal is to sell 1100 candles to finance the purchase of a TV Tour system which will allow us to broadcast information to all residents television sets (example: menus, daily activities, notices). For more information visit:


We would like to invite the public to participate in commemorating a loved one by donating to have a candle lit in their memory (the person you are lighting the candle for does not have to be a Wales Home resident).

Cost for Candles:


$50 for 5 candles + 1 bonus

$100 for 10 candles + 2 bonus

For more information or to purchase a candle please contact Rebecca Taylor at or by calling 819-826-3266 ext. 221.

Our pamphlet is available here: Candlelight Form 2016 final (3)

Thank you for your support!

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