March 2017’s Wales Home News

by: Rebecca Taylor

Greetings from the activity department. March was another busy month. We are happy to have two stagiaires working with us – Eliza Jane Stevens and Noemi Beauregard. Painting classes resumed this month and in addition to our usual monthly activities, here are some of our highlights.


A breakfast outing to the Deli-Train Restaurant in Richmond was enjoyed on the morning of the 2nd. On the afternoon of the 2nd, a Daniel O’Donnell movie was shown in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Refreshments were also served. On the afternoon of the 3rd, World Day of Prayer was held in the living room. This year’s featured country was the Philippines. After the readings by Carol Ann McElrea, Pauline Jubinville, Eliza Jane Stevens, Brendalee Piironen and Rebecca Taylor, special guests Maria Vivo and Corey Morin spoke about the Philippines. Then, a video was shown and a pineapple upside down cake, and lemonade was enjoyed. Anne Clark was our talented pianist for this important event.


A knitter’s sale took place on the afternoon of the 6th in the living room with funds being donated to the Wales Home Foundation. Thank you! A memorial service for Charles Ross was held in the living room on the 7th. Grace Johnston gave a presentation on local women on the afternoon of the 9th. If you would like to see the presentation, it is running for another year at the Richmond Historical Society. An amazing presentation from our local Irish Dancers took place on the afternoon of the 11th.


Residents and their drivers enjoyed a sweet outing to the ‘Bec a Sucre’ sugar camp in Valcourt on the 13th. A musical ‘karaoke’ afternoon was held on the afternoon of the 16th in the living room. Flutist Julie Millar and Pianist Francine Beaubien gave a beautiful concert in the living room on the afternoon of the 18th. The afternoon also included some storytelling. On the afternoon of the 23rd, Linda Rimmel gave a talk in the living room about beliefs and anxiety. The Roxton Singers came on the evening of the 27th to give a stunning Easter performance. A daffodil sale to support the Canadian Cancer Society was held in the lobby on the afternoon of the 30th. The movie Florence Foster Jenkins was shown on the big screen in the living room on the afternoon of the 31st and refreshments were served.


This month’s birthday party was hosted by St. Andrew’s Church in Melbourne on March 29th. Happy birthday to everyone who celebrated. Extra special wishes are extended to Gareth Forgrave who turned 100-years young.


Our sympathies are extended to the family and friends of William “Bill” McMeekin, Jessie Johnston and Marian Guillette.


If you are looking for ideas for an interesting book to read, copies of “Memories Everlasting,” are still available for sale exclusively at the Wales Home.  They are $20 and can be purchased by contacting Rebecca Taylor by phone at 819-826-3266 ext.221 or by e-mail at Mailing is available for an additional cost. All proceeds from the sale go to the Wales Home Foundation. We are currently working on the sequel which will be titled “Timeless Memories.”


For more information, you can visit our website at and Facebook page at for photos, news updates and a copy of the monthly activity calendar and chatter. You can also give us a call at 819-826-3266 for information on admissions, pricing etc., or if you’d like to become a volunteer. We are currently seeking volunteers to drive residents to/from medical appointments.


Until next time, when you can hear about how our April was. Happy Easter in advance.