The Wales Home is divided in two sectors where health care services are concerned: the ambulatory sector and the long term care sector (CHSLD).  The Wales Home offers a continuum of care to its residents so that if your present level of autonomy decreases and are no longer able to care for yourself you can move to a floor which offers more nursing care.  This avoids having to move to a new facility.

The Résidence Wales Home has units offering varying levels of care including: apartments, bachelorettes, light nursing care, medium nursing care and heavy nursing care as well as two specialized  units  for residents with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.  It also allows couples to live together, or in separate rooms within the same building. The Résidence Wales Home is the only CHSLD (long-term care facility) which allows couples to share the same room if they wish to do so.

The Résidence Wales Home offers a diversity of health services: in-house doctor, registered nurses, registered nursing assistants, caregivers, physical rehabilitation therapists, occupational therapist and a social intervener.

Services from private professionals are also offered in-house such as: dentist, denturologist, audioprosthesist and a foot specialist. Should you have specific health needs that we can’t meet, we will schedule appointments with the appropriate specialist. Our employees are qualified, caring people who ensure the comfort and quality of care for our residents. At the Wales Home, whether you live in an apartment, a bachelorette or on a nursing care unit, nurses’ aid is only a call bell away! 



Medication, medical supplies (i.e.  Urinary catheter, incontinence products), hairdresser and specialists not hired by the Wales Home (i.e. Dentist, foot specialist, etc…) are not included in the monthly rent.


N.B. Therapy services are not included for the apartment residents. For a small fee, these services can be made available.  Should you live in an apartment or a bachelorette, it is highly recommended to keep your own family doctor.






The Residents living on the Ambulatory and Long Term Care Units benefit from 24 hour nursing care.  The role of the nursing personnel is to coordinate the care and services while following the objectives and care plans determined by the health care professionals in collaboration with the resident and or their family.
The head-nurse (RN) for each sector is the case manager for all residents of their respective sector.  She works in close collaboration with the doctor  and unit managers (LPNs) to ensure good continuity and quality of care.   Our caregivers assist the residents, while respecting their level of autonomy, to carry out the activities of daily living as outlined in the nursing care plan.
While living at the Résidence Wales Home you can take advantage of onsite evaluation and treatment from our physical rehabilitation therapist in order to regain or maintain your physical abilities.  Our occupational therapist will help you adapt to any limitations you may have.
  Each unit offers small and large private rooms as well as shared rooms.  Residents are welcomed to decorate and personalize their room so that they feel at home.  Each unit has its own solarium which is used to simply relax, entertain family or as an activity room. All units  are equipped with a piano.  Each resident has an emergency call-bell bracelet that allows them to call for help from anywhere in the vicinity of the building. . Personal Sentry bed or chair alarms are used when needed.  These are also locked units thus preventing residents with dementia from wandering off the units without supervision.  All bedrooms on our heavy care units are equipped with ceiling tracks in order to aid in transferring residents who no longer can weight bear.      The Wales Home physical rehabilitation therapists provide residents with onsite evaluations and treatment in order to regain or maintain their physical abilities. Whether it is needed for convalescence after a surgery, injury, or for maintaining their range of motion at its maximal level, a physical rehabilitation therapist will plan an exercise program which will be followed by regular appointments. The Wales Home also has an occupational therapist that will help resident’s to adjust to any temporary or permanent limitations they may have. Our therapists are members of a professional order and regularly receive up-to-date information on new equipment, new exercises and new technology. 

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