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The Wales Home has received and continues to receive many positive comments from family, residents, and visitors regarding our staff, facilities, and friendly home like environment. These wonderful comments are a great source of pride for the Home’s management staff and so we wish to share them with you!


Love, Work, Courage and Resilience

A touching testimonial by Lise Geoffroy. The role of a caregiver – April 30 2015


Wonderful Care

My Dad recently spent 3 months on Norton 2. The staff seemed to look beyond the bodies that no longer work and respond normally to the person within. They treat each person with respect, dignity and even love.

I felt as if my Dad had a new family of granddaughters and grandsons who cared for him as they would their own family.

Though they were busy, he was never rushed; when he was cranky and difficult, they were patient and good humoured.

When you meet staff who have been working in another department “just dropping by to check” you know you have people who see their employment as more than just a job. We truly are blessed to have people who respect and care for out elderly with such love. Thank you for valuing this in your staff.

By: Joy O’Donnell


Winners of Awards

By Nils Bodtker

What a TEAM!!

Congratulations!! And keep raising that bar. You are setting a new standard for excellence in your domain and all elderly folks across Canada (even all of North America) will be better off because of what you and your team are accomplishing. This is absolutely phenomenal!!!

Please extend my remarks to all your team members and THANK-YOU for your devotion to the “Spirit of Horace Pettes Wales”!!!

By: Paul Brandt

I knew it! Yes, I was sure that you would come out on top. And you did. Congratulations to you, Brendalee, and to all of your excellent staff. Not only are they all so well trained but they also put a lot of love in their work. And the residents are all the better for it.

By: Heather Turchyn

I am so happy for you all and I am sure that you are all over the moon!!!!!! I know how hard each and every person works at the Home and how caring they are towards to the residents and so I am not the least bit surprised that you guys won – Good for everyone!!! I am so very very proud of all at the Wales Home and that is why I intend to go there – down the road of course, but I am planning on it.

Keep up the good work!


Family Gathering

By: Jocelyn Hay, Daughter of one of our residents
This letter was written by the daughter of one of our residents who is living on one of  the Long Term Care Units.
This letter is written to express thanks to all the great people at the Wales Home – management, staff and residents alike.
Last Saturday, November 17, 2007, we reserved Room 405 to spend a few precious hours with Beatrice Hay, our Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. It was such a lovely event, especially for Mom. We never dreamed Mom would want to spend over four hours away from her daily routine and environment, especially since Mom decided over a year ago that she preferred to stay at the Wales Home for the weekend rather than spend Saturday at her former home in Drummondville. Mom seemed delighted to have so many of us with her at the same time. Our sisters, Patsy and Margaret prepared a thanksgiving-type meal for some twenty-five members of the family, and we watched family videos from past family gatherings in the fourth floor recreation room.
It is always a pleasure to visit Mom at the Wales Home. We can easily see that Mom is much happier there than in other settings, which is heart-warming indeed. The nurses and staff genuinely care for “Bea”, and all the patients on her floor, and the environment is always cheerful. There is much to be said about the spotless facilities, and we would like to congratulate all of you for the wonderful services you provide.

On behalf of the family, thank you for what you do for our precious Bea.

Life in the Eastern Townships

By: The Late Rita Manning, Resident

This positive feedback was written by a long time resident and was used in a publicity campaign the home ran.

I have lived at The Wales Home for 15 years. I have lived all my life in the Eastern Townships in a country setting. My husband (Former Dr. Manning) worked and lived in the Wales Home so this was the obvious place for me. I have a lot of friends here and enjoy the large windows that provide the morning sun in my room. The Wales Home provides a guest room for my family to stay and visit and the staff are always friendly and quick to assist me.

A Good Home Away from Home

By: The Late Margarita Beaudreau, resident

This beautiful commentary on many of the Wales Home services was written by a former resident and was used in a publicity campaign to support the Home. Margarita passed away August 12, 2007, but her wonderful spirit will not soon be forgotten.

I have lived at the Wales Home for 4 years. The Wales Home is a good home away from home. I like the way the staff are always nice to me and how clean they keep the home. I participate in the activities, and I really like the church services and bingo. My favourite activity is to go outside for a walk. The meals are good and they are always accommodating to my tastes.

Never be Forgotten

By: Barbara Gordon, Niece of one of our former residents
This note was written to the Director at the Wales Home. She was proud to know that family members were so thrilled about the care their family members were receiving here.

I want to thank you for all that you and the staff did for my beloved “Aunt Mimi.” My parents’ estates are close to being finalized and I plan on sending a memorial donation in my aunt’s name. Trust me if I had millions it would go in your direction. The care that my aunt received and the love that was directed to her will never be forgotten. Who knows, I could end up at the Wales Home!

Wonderful Health Care

By: Chet Perkins

My wife and I have been residents of the Wales Home for two and a half years, but I have been involved with The Home for 23 years, having been on The Home Executive Committee since June 1985. I knew The Wales Home was a great place to live when it became difficult to live on our own in our homes, but since coming here I have found it to be even better than I expected.

The staff members are amazingly patient and kind. This I suspected from what I had seen over the years, but the health care has been impressive as well. Just a couple of examples: On a Friday I sensed the setting in of an infection. I mentioned it to the floor nurse. In a few hours I was on medication which took care of the problem by the next day. Had I been in our home I likely would not have gone to my doctor until Monday and by then I would have been quite sick. A second situation was how quickly a nurse suspected and discovered I had a diabetic condition, and the action taken immediately to control it.

An older brother, suffering through the advanced stages of Parkinson Disease is receiving wonderful care in the infirmary section of The Home. I can visit him any time I wish to.

The decision to move to The Wales Home when we did was a wise one. Being a paraplegic for 52 years (now 54), managing by ourselves in our home was becoming difficult in many ways. Here I have cast off my prosthesis and crutches as elevators serve to help us to move to all parts of The Home, and even out of doors, unencumbered by stairs.

How could I not mention the activities and the fine entertainment arranged for us week after week. Yes, it’s an active and enjoyable life for us here in the Wales Home.

Baker’s Corner

By: Peggy Eastman

I moved into the Wales Home in March of this year, and I don’t have a bad thing to say about it. I am especially amazed by the number of exciting activities that are offered by the Home’s wonderful staff. I go to exercises every chance I get. Edith (head of therapy) is a wonderful, outgoing and very friendly person, so I have so much fun participating in the exercises with her. I really like the entertainment that there is offered at the Home. I try to get to most of the festivities that happen at the Home. I enjoy the teas, and I am a member of the Rebecca’s so I get involved in putting on some teas as well. The thing I am the most excited about is the starting of the Baking Group. I love to cook and so when I heard that I could enjoy getting back in the kitchen I jumped at the opportunity. I am so happy with everything that happens here at the Wales Home. I feel like I am in a Home away from Home. I brought in my own furniture, so my room is my own, and I just love it!!!


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