Wales Newsletter

Upcoming Renovations

Founded in 1921, The Résidence Wales Home is a private, not for profit organization, which provides a continuum of care for up to 200 seniors who range from being completely independent to those requiring long-term care (CHSLD). One of our unique features is offering multiple levels of care and medical services under the same roof. This aspect provides seniors with a security of not having to shop elsewhere for increased healthcare should their present level of autonomy decrease. Convalescence and respite care are also available for those requiring medium, heavy and palliative care. The Résidence Wales Home offers a diversity of health services such as: in-house doctors, registered nurses, registered nursing assistants, caregivers, physical rehabilitation therapists, occupational therapist, social intervener, and a nutritionist.  Services from private professionals are also offered in-house, such as: Dentist, Denturologist, Audiologist and foot specialist. The Résidence Wales Home is committed to respecting the dignity of all seniors by providing them with a clean, safe and homelike environment which promotes independence, friendship and comfort for its residents and provides a welcoming atmosphere for their friends and families. We accomplish our mission with a valuable team of skilled employees, volunteers, other health care providers and community partners.

Recently, The Résidence Wales Home appointed Mr. Michel Jubinville (architect) to reconstruct our long term care units (CHSLD). Currently, one of our long term care units, formally occupied by bachelors, is vacant. The vacant unit will be internally demolished and re-built including; 9 private rooms, 7 semi-private rooms (rooms will be joined by spacious bathrooms), new windows, proper ventilation, new heating system, new plumbing, air-conditioning, modernized whirlpool room, spacious dining area, living room etc. The new unit will be converted for seniors suffering from beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. A secured garden area will be accessible off the dining room allowing residents to go outside independently. Once complete, residents suffering from dementia will be transferred to the modernized unit. The same demolition and re-construction will take place on two of our three other long term care units; once complete, these units will provide specialized care for residents in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and those requiring heavy care. The third long term care unit will also undergo a renovation including; enlarging bathroom doors, new windows, new flooring and a new nursing station. The estimated time of construction is six months. Currently our long term care units (CHSLD) can accommodate up to 75 seniors; our renovations will increase our occupancy for up to 85 residents requiring specialized care. Our transformation will not only improve the quality of lives for seniors requiring heavier care, but it will also improve working conditions for our employees.

With our achievement of Accreditation, the Wales Home strives to be seen differently. We encourage partners of the health care network to recognize the high quality institution that we are and the objectives we aim to achieve. We request our surrounding healthcare communities to be aware of our professionalism, high standards and milieu de vie work ethics.

The Wales Home is confident in the transformation these changes will bring forth and is proud to continue to provide a home of comfort, care and countryside.