Apartments For Seniors

The Wales Home has 21 apartment units designed for one or two residents who are capable of independent living. Residents who reside in these units may prepare their own meals, although the option of eating in the dining room is available. Apartments are furnished with a fridge and stove and residents have access to laundry facilities located on each floor. A storage locker is assigned to each apartment.

Apartment includes:

Built-in kitchen unit (sink, stove, refrigerator and cupboards)
Combination dining room and living room
Full Bathroom (adjacent to bedroom)
Separate Bedroom with walk-in closet
Resident monitoring system

Services Offered:

Activity co-ordinators providing a variety of social programs Access to elevators
Beauty salon*
Denturologist and dentist*
Experienced nursing care under registered nursing supervision
Physical readaptation therapist*
Tuck shop
* Service available at an additional cost

Residents with cars are assigned a parking space, and those who smoke are allowed to do so in their own apartment; however, smoking in bedrooms is prohibited.


Please contact the Executive Director, Ms. Brendalee Piironen for pricing information at 819-826-3266 ext. 247 or . A tax credit is available for residents age 70 or over. This credit is completed by the Administration of the Wales Home upon admission.