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by: Rebecca Taylor

June was an extremely busy month. Here were our highlights:


On June 1st, we had a visit from grade one and grade five students from ADS Elementary. They joined residents in the living room for a craft, reading, chatting and refreshments. On the afternoon of the 3rd, Olive McCourt’s family hosted her memorial service at the Wales Home. The Fidelys choir gave a wonderful musical performance on the afternoon of the 4th. Boutique Diane held a clothing sale on the 9th. Our last painting class for this session also took place on the 9th. On the afternoon of the 9th, Jill den Hertog held an olive tasting event in the main living room.


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by: Rebecca Taylor

The month of May began with an exciting day on the 2nd.  Some residents and their drivers attended a salad luncheon in Ulverton. This was followed by the Wales Home Foundation’s campaign closing in the main living room. The president of the Foundation Committee, Burton McConnell began by giving a detailed overview of the Foundation’s financial portfolio. Then, Jordan Arshinoff Foss, honorary campaign chairman gave his speech which included how the word CARE can be broken down into an acronym which perfectly describes the Wales Home’s entourage: Community, Action, Responsible, Excellence. He also announced the results of this year’s record-breaking fundraising campaign – a stunning $894,000.00. Next, Brendalee Piironen, gave us more good news by announcing… Continue reading