by: Rebecca Taylor

February arrived in a flurry of busyness. For our front of house expansion, it meant a significant change to the look of the building. We are pleased to see walls going up and cannot wait to see this project through to completion, which should be in September 2017.


Here are some of the highlights from our activity department:

Episodes of The Waltons were shown in the main living room on the big screen on the afternoon of the 3rd. The movie You’ve Got Mail was shown on the afternoon of the 6th. A Youtube music afternoon was enjoyed on the 9th. Pennie Lynch held a bake/craft sale on the afternoon of the 11th at the Home.… Continue reading

by: Rebecca Taylor

The month of October was action packed at the Wales Home. The beautiful leaves outside made strolling around the building or gazing out the windows very appealing.


To begin the month, a dance took place in the main dining room on the 1st in celebration of International Senior’s Day. Our entertainers were Wayne Nutbrown and Friends. Episodes of the Lucy Show (on the 3rd) and the Red Skeleton Show (on the 6th) were enjoyed on the big screen in the living room.  Residents and their drivers enjoyed breakfast at the DeliTrain restaurant on the morning of the 4th. A rummage sale took place on the 4th floor on the morning of the 5th. Confort Elegance… Continue reading

by: Rebecca Taylor

It was another extremely busy month at the Wales Home in May.


A Mother’s Day craft took place on the afternoon of the 2nd, thanks to the assistance of some of our volunteers. A spa afternoon was held in the living room on May 3rd, also in celebration of Mother’s Day.


We have a new activity which has started. It is known as the Current Events Club where residents gather to discuss what is happening in the news. Our semi-annual resident and family meeting took place on the 5th. On the 7th, residents and drivers enjoyed a delicious outing to the Salad Luncheon in Ulverton. A shoe sale (Confort Elegance) took place on the 9th.… Continue reading

by: Rebecca Taylor

January was another busy month at the Wales Home despite some units being closed during the month due to gastroenteritis. The Activity Department welcomed a total of 18 students on a stage – sixteen from the Lennoxville Vocational Centre who will be with the Activity Department until the first week of March; one from Champlain College and one from Bishop’s University who will be here until the beginning of April.


In addition to our usual monthly activities here are some of the highlights from the month. Residents of Norton 1 were introduced to Mandela art on the evening of the 4th. Friday teas resumed on the 8th after a December hiatus. Carol Ann held a Youtube… Continue reading

Our 4th annual candlelight evening of memories will take place on Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 7 PM in the main living room of the Wales Home.

Since 2012, the popularity of this event has increased significantly. This year our goal  is to light over 1100 candles!

Each year the contributions from the candlelight evening have been designated towards projects that  enhance a “milieu de vie” for the residents such as: Medical equipment,  three therapeutic elevator door wrappings  for our long term care units, and the installation of a Sky Factory Imagery on one of the dementia units.

The funds generated from this year’s candlelight evening will help finance the creation of a Wellness Room, to… Continue reading