by: Rebecca Taylor

This is an exciting time of year around the Wales Home. Outside, the flowers are blooming and are most enjoyable to look at while out for a breath of fresh air. The petting zoo animals also returned at the end of May and are another attraction while taking in the sights and sounds of the Home. Our renovations continue to move forward and everyone is happy to watch the progress which is taking place.


The tally from our May silent auction has been done and we raised a considerable amount of money which will be used to better the lives of our residents. Thank you to our extremely supportive community for all that you did to… Continue reading

by: Rebecca Taylor

The new year has begun at the Home and all departments throughout the home have been bustling with busyness – including our construction crew which is working on our ‘Front of House’ expansion. Here are just some of January’s highlights.


The Christmas decorations came down this month and hearts, teddy bears and cupid’s arrow began appearing around the home in celebration of Valentine’s Day.


We re-launched knitter’s club on the 2nd. It is a chance for residents to get together and enjoy this craft in each other’s company on a weekly basis. Friday teas resumed on the 6th after a December hiatus due to all the holiday activities.


A jewellery sale was held in… Continue reading

by: Rebecca Taylor

With April came sunshine and some warmer days. This meant that more residents took walks outside, sat out under the covered roof at door 6 and in the sun porch. It was also a busy month for our activity department. We said goodbye to our stagieres Lisa Astrologo and Claudie Levesque. We wish them the best of luck in the future.


A dance was held in the main living room on the afternoon of the 6th. Paul Richard provided the music for this entertaining afternoon.


Our annual volunteer evening was held on the 11th. A huge thank you to our more than two hundred volunteers for all the contributions that they make to the Home.… Continue reading

by: Rebecca Taylor

With the month of February came Valentine’s Decorations and festivities. It also included the usual monthly bingos, carpet bowling, Friday teas, yoga, card games and church services.

On the afternoon of the 8th, volunteers joined residents in the main living room to do a Valentine’s Day craft. There was music in the nursing care units on the morning of the 10th with Reverend Anku. On the morning of the 11th, residents of the nursing care units enjoyed a visit from four rabbits, two dogs, two chickens and a cat. A Valentine’s happy hour took place on the afternoon of the 18th in the living room. Paul Richard played an assortment of music for those in attendance.

The… Continue reading

by: Rebecca Taylor

It was another fun and busy month in the activity department at the Wales Home. We would like to welcome Annabel Johnston as activity assistant. We also wish Amber Wallis all the best. She finished her stage with the activity department at the beginning of the month.


On the afternoon of the 9th, a CD sale (Donna & Sidney Mills’ newest release) took place in the living room. On the 11th, a Girl Guide cookie sale took place in living room in the afternoon.  During the afternoon of the 13th, a special User’s Committee activity took place in the living room. It was hosted by Denis Beaulieu, Quality Commissioner and it called RIGHT bingo. It… Continue reading