Values and Management Philosophy

The Wales Home Values:

  • Integrity: This commands commitment, trustworthiness, and accountability.
  • Excellence: This provides quality, resident-focused care, along with professional and personal growth and development as well as the determination to do their best.
  • Teamwork: We want employees to be open, and have honest communication, while being enthusiastic and having mutual respect and cooperation with fellow employees.
  • Innovation: We encourage employees to make a positive change, to learn, grow, and create a better future for the Wales Home.
  • Respect: As stated in the code of Ethics, we demand that all employees treat the residents and their co-workers with respect, as this is the value of which we base our philosophy of the Home.


Management Philosophy:

  • The Wales Home is committed to providing a work environment in which all employees are treated with respect and dignity. We believe that every employee has the right to work in a professional milieu, free from all forms of physical, psychological and sexual harassment. We also aim to promote an atmosphere that is stimulating and supportive for our professionals so that we may encourage their full participation in achieving our goals. Additionally, the Wales Home strives to provide an environment that is constructive to both personal and professional growth, by recognizing the value of professional and personal development for employees, so that they may feel they are a valued part of the overall vision of the Home.