The Ladies Auxiliary is one of the biggest volunteer groups involved at the Wales Home. The first recoded minutes of the Ladies Auxiliary are dated June 13, 1922. One of the main goals of the subsidiary group is to hold various fundraising activities allocating all revenues to the various departments of the Home to benefit the residents.

One of the most prevalent activities originating from the Ladies Auxiliary is the Friday afternoon teas. This tradition began in the early years of the Home. At present 16 card tables are set up in the spacious living room each Friday afternoon (with the exception of December, July and August). Volunteers from the community serve up various delicious treats, plus many cups of hot tea.

In 1966, many changes transpired with this team of volunteers. This significant year marked the beginning of the annual birthday parties for residents; the opening of the internal hospitality shop and the start of the fall receptions or what was eventually known as “open house”.

To date, monthly birthday parties are still being hosted by different organizations for residents on the 3rd Wednesday afternoon of each month; and the hospitality shop is open from 1-2:30 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The “open-house” was a big event bringing people from all over the Townships. The afternoon began in the Main Living room with a guest speaker, followed by musical entertainment and ending with food in the dining room. The Auxiliary looked after this part of the event, using the elegant silver tea services and other fineries of the era. Guests could also tour the Home. The open house event eventually was abandoned in 1993.Ladies auxiliary

Bazaars began in 1981, usually held in May. The Bazaars included such activities as a raffle, a food table, a white elephant sale, a handicraft table all ending with a cup of tea and a treat for a dollar. In 1995, it was decided to add a few articles for a silent auction to replace the handicrafts. Thus a great fundraiser began! Each year about 3 weeks prior to the date of the Bazaar, donated articles are displayed in the main living room. Bids close at 3 PM the day of the Bazaar. With the addition of this activity, the funds raised increased from $1820.00 made in 1994, to$10,450.00 raised in 2013! At the annual meeting in June, the Auxiliary decides how the funds raised should be spent to produce the greatest benefit for the Wales Home residents.

Anyone in the area is welcome to join this fantastic group of ladies –just contact the Wales Home at or talk to our Activity coordinator to become a member. There are three meetings per year – held in June, December and April, and the ladies help in many other various ways during the year offering their talents, time and compassion to the Wales Home residents. They are greatly appreciated and the Home would not be what it is today without this volunteer group!


In compliance with section 209 of the Act respecting health
services and social services (art. 209, LSSSS), The Users’ Committee of the Wales Home has been
formed to defend the collective rights and interests of the residents.
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