Wales Home Foundation

The Wales Home Foundation was created in 1991 for the sole purpose of helping to maintain the high level of quality care and the services offered, and to ensure that the essential needs of the people living the residence are filled regardless of their financial resources.

The Wales Home Foundation also provides funding for major capital improvements such as medical equipment and improvements made to the building. The Wales Home Foundation is very fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who contribute to our Home and Foundation. Without the support of the community, the Home would not survive.


A wonderful way to support the Wales Home is to make a donation in your name to the Wales Home Foundation.

We are thankful for all donations, which help to keep The Wales Home afloat.

A bequest is money that is left to The Wales Home as a part of a person’s estate. Bequests can be indicated in the donor’s will.

In Memoriam
Donations can be made to the Wales Home Foundation on behalf of someone else. This means that a person can make a donation to honour the memory of a loved one. The Wales Home will then send a card to whoever is specified to let them know the donation has been made.

Campaign Donation

Each year the Foundation holds an annual campaign which runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. Donations are welcomed at any time during the year for our campaign. The official opening of the campaign, which launches an intense drive for funds, usually begins at the “tee off” during the annual golf tournament in September.

Donate online now:

Campaign launch – October 26th 2013.


Message from Jordan Arshinoff-Foss

Born and raised in Richmond, the Wales Home has always been a part of my life one way or another. Early in 2012, upon witnessing the amazing improvements that have taken place at the Wales Home, upon feeling the contagious energy that’s driving the Wales Home forward; I felt I wanted to be part of it.

The Wales Home is continuously investing in its amenities, differentiating itself by establishing the highest standards in health care practices and introducing state of the art technologies that are propelling the Wales Home towards being the best CHSLD’s in Estrie, the province of Quebec and Canada.

These initiatives are not going unnoticed – The Wales Home was awarded the Gold Honour at the Gala Reconnaissance de l’Estrie and is currently nominated as finalist in ‘’Les prix d’excellence’’ safety of care and services category by the Ministere de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Stay tuned as the results will be announced in November 2013.

As the Wales Home continues to accumulate success stories in the pursuit of their quest of being the best residence and CHSLD for seniors in Estrie, the province of Quebec and Canada, so do the opportunities to contribute to being part of the home’s ongoing success.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support and donations to the Wales Home Foundation, the residents and their families.

Help make this year’s campaign the most successful one in the history of the Wales Home.

Let’s continue making a great institution greater!
Let’s think community and give back to it!

Think generous during this year’s campaign.