Horace Pettes Wales, founder of the Wales Home


The Wales Home was founded in 1920 when a wealthy Richmond merchant, Horace Pettes, Wales, bequeathed his farm and a substantial cash contribution to provide quality care for the elderly. Mr. Wales was our very first donor.

Mr. Horace Pettes Wales had a brother who resided in the United States, along with three nieces. Mr. Wales himself was childless. He retired to the area where his family had been located for three generations and died in 1918.

Mr. Wales proposed a site near Richmond, Quebec, to provide a home for seniors. Also, included was a 162-acre dairy farm that has now been expanded to 450 acres. The farm was to provide as much food as possible for the residents “ to keep costs low, and a constant supply of food for the table”.

A campaign was launched to raise funds to put up a suitable building for the home and provide an endowment for operating purposes. By May 31, 1920, $175,000.00 had been raised.

In the spring of 1921, a $70,000 contract was awarded to Newton and Dakin of Sherbrooke for the construction of the home with the objective of accommodating forty-one “inmates” (now referred to as residents). The first resident was Mr. C. Mackie who moved into the home on March 17, 1922. Since then over 3,050 seniors have made the Wales Home their home.

The Wales Home is a private Not For Profit Corporation and has been independent of government funding or assistance since it was founded in 1920.

The Wales Home has evolved from the place Horace Pettes Wales envisioned to care for the elderly in 1920 to a modern facility that incorporates advanced medical, social and technical knowledge of geriatric care, as well as a range of accommodation from autonomous living to retirement living with full support options namely meals, housekeeping, laundry, activities to encourage and maintain the residents’ physical, social and intellectual capacities, and daily medical supervision.