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Head Nurse

Assisting the Director of Health Services in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating nursing services to provide quality care to the residents and promote independence and quality of life

**This is for a temporary / float position, to replace vacations

Job description

Clinical Environment

  • Ensure quality of care delivery throughout the building
  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Communicate with clients and/or families regarding needs, problems, and incidents, change of condition of the clients and provide information as required, in collaboration with the unit manager
  • Communicate with the community resources as required i.e. hospital, ambulance
  • Perform evaluations: Folsteins, MOCA, SMAF, etc.
  • Develop and update the nursing care plans
  • Evaluate patient mobility level for emergency evacuation color codes (Home Head Nurse)
  • Set the level of priority for the Doctor’s appointment
  • Seat at the Risk Management committee
  • Collect, record, assess and transfer incident/accident information
  • When necessary, fills the infection control sheets, in collaboration with Unit Manager
  • Fill out and get the required signatures on restraint forms
  • Plan and coordinate interdisciplinary meetings in collaboration with the Unit Manager, implementing necessary changes in the care plans, and disseminating the information to the appropriate people
  • Organize appointments for services in-house and elsewhere, (finding drivers), as needed, in collaboration with Unit Manager
  • Keep Kardex up to date in collaboration with floor personnel

Quality of the Services

  • Take and give the daily report from Director of Health Services or Supervisor
  • Communicate with local resources, e.g. Hospital and Social workers
  • Take part in the admission of new residents
  • Evaluate residents and ensure that each of them lives in the appropriate level of care
  • Complete medical histories of new residents
  • Maintain adequate narcotic control
  • Participate in evaluating the quality of care provided and implements continuous quality improvement methods


  • Adhere to and apply his/her deontological code
  • Adhere to and apply the Wales Home code of Ethics
  • Follow all policies in place at the Wales Home (Nursing/Human Resources/Administration)

Wanted profile


  • Member of OIIQ
  • 7-10 years of experience as a nurse
  • Working knowledge of English and French
  • Bachelor in nursing an asset
  • Any extra courses in geriatrics an asset


  • Previous experience working with seniors preferred

Personal Attributes

  • Oriented on client’s need
  • Good communication skills – capability to express oneself fluently in English
  • Good interpersonal relationship and a respectful attitude
  • Autonomous
  • Teamwork oriented
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Good listener
  • Reliable, responsible
  • Leadership skills
  • Supervision skills
  • Tutoring skills


  • In-charge of emergency situations
  • Act as emergency coordinator until emergency team arrives
  • Deal with and report of any problems among personnel
  • Understand and apply all procedure related to Occupational Health and Safety
  • Supervise all employees in charge of a unit
  • Answers the telephone (evenings, nights and during weekends) and respond to inquiries of prospective clients and direct them to the appropriate person for information
  • Collect the necessary fees from visitors i.e. meals, board etc.
  • Ensure employees competency and assisting in performance evaluation
  • Ensure support to all medical employees
  • Create and establish policies and procedures in collaboration with Director of Health Services
  • Participate in accreditation meetings (CHSLD Head nurse), certification meetings, floor meetings, Head Nurses meetings etc.
  • Answer LPN and caregivers’ questions, teaching at times
  • Ensure the appropriate stock in the central emergency kit (CHSLD Head Nurse)

Direct Care Environment

  • Respond to emergency situations regarding residents (including 4th floor and apartment residents), or the building emergencies, and informing appropriate superiors
  • Provide the doctors with up to date information on the medical needs and priorities of the residents
  • Report all significant events and changes in residents’ condition to the appropriate person and takes the necessary action (implementing care, calling family, Doctor, sending resident to the hospital etc.)
  • In collaboration with the personnel, ensure the elaboration, implementation and adjustment of nursing care plans and medical plans
  • Oversees each nursing unit under their responsibility to evaluate and follow up the care given to each resident
  • Coordinate the floors through 3 shifts for a continuous flow of good resident care, in collaboration with the Unit Manger
  • Evaluate residents showing new symptoms and communicate with the appropriate people to develop an intervention plan
  • Performs procedures as required and as defined by the OIIQ within the limit of the Order


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