Shaw and Manning Renewal

In January 2018, the Wales Home began renovating the existing Shaw and Manning Wings on the first and second floor.

This renewal includes creating private washrooms for each ambulatory room and updating the floors, paint, moldings, light fixtures, window treatments, ventilation, and existing washrooms. The Solarium and hallway are also being updated, and the ventilation system throughout the units needs to be changed as well.

So far, forty Shaw and Manning 1 and 2 rooms have been completed, twenty per floor. Renovations will begin shortly to convert the remaining thirty rooms into twenty-four bedrooms with private washrooms. 


Norton Renovations

In January 2019, the CHSLD Wales Inc. began renovating its existing Norton Wing to complement the newly constructed expansion.

The rooms, hallways, kitchens, and dining areas were revamped, and four windows on Norton 1 were enlarged. This state-of-the-art project is now complete, which would not have been possible without Wales Home Foundation support.



In October 2019, Central residents were relocated to the new Norton rooms so renovations could commence on this unit, the oldest in the Wales building.

Erected as part of the original building in 1921, Central was a fifteen-bed unit that was converted into a twelve-bed intermediate care unit with private washrooms. The unit is now adapted for its designated clientele and promotes safety and security via coded doors, infection control via private bedrooms and bathrooms, one-on-one supervision and care, and specialized equipment like lifts and a whirlpool bathtub. The unit incorporates "Maison des aînés" design standards, including bright colours, large windows, and complementary therapies.

Construction of the Ross Wing

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Résidence Wales Home perseveres in its ambitious Ross Wing project, an innovative new construction that will contain forty-two new condo-style apartments in various sizes and layouts.

This impressive undertaking also incorporates a spectacular array of amenities, including an aquatic centre with swimming pool, warm spa, sauna, fitness centre, cinema, two-lane bowling alley, lounge, assembly room, and terrace. This state-of-the-art project aims for energy net zero by Phase Two's completion. The wing's design incorporates maximum comfort with triple-glazed windows and doors with geothermal heating and cooling. High performance ventilation systems will maintain superior air quality. Prospective residents will be offered the option to rent the units as is the case for the Wales Home's current apartments, or to enter a life-lease agreement wherein they buy the right of use for the apartment prior to moving in, thus reducing their monthly costs to taxes, utilities, and services. The Wales Home will be the first and only seniors' facility in Québec to offer such an attractive alternative to traditional renting. The Wales anticipates occupancy beginning in October 2022.