Physical Activity

In collaboration with the Therapy Department, the Activity Department offers several opportunities for physical exercise each week. Zumba and Exercise classes are offered twice weekly, Carpet Bowling takes place every Tuesday afternoon, and Aqua Fitness classes are held in the Therapeutic Pool every Monday afternoon. During the summer months, residents form a Walking Club and stroll the beautiful grounds.


Muscial Events 



The Wales Home Activity Department organizes Music Therapy sessions with Trish Hortop-Benson. Trish sings and plays guitar in one-on-one musical interactions with residents. She chooses songs that generate memories with residents, so that residents will sing along with her. Music Therapy acts as a cognitive trigger that can prompt residents with dementia, who have lost the ability to speak, to sing. Trish’s mix of gentle melodies and lively, upbeat songs are a welcome sound for everyone’s ears. The Activity Department frequently welcomes musicians who perform in group settings in the Main Living Room, and residents themselves form a choir each holiday season.


Intellectual Stimulation 

The Wales Home frequently welcomes guest speakers who speak on a wide range of topics from users’ rights, history, agriculture, aromatherapy, and more. These presentations usually result in stimulating and engaging discussions.


Bingo is held once per week in the Main Living Room and on the units from time to time. Winners receive a small prize.


The Activity Department strives to offer sensory stimulation, such as wine and olive oil tastings. They also bake with residents to provide warm, homelike scents on the units.

Pastoral Events 

Church services take place every Sunday afternoon in the Main Living Room, and Bible study occurs every Tuesday afternoon in the Chapel.

Special Thematic Events

Every month, the Wales Home Activity Department organizes several thematic events, depending on the season. For example, in the month of May, there is both a craft and a special “chic” tea to celebrate Mother’s Day. Additionally, there is a monthly Birthday Tea open to any resident with a birthday that month and their spouse. Seasonal activities include fishing derbies and barbecues in the summer and holiday festivities in the winter.