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Each day, several activities are conducted by the Activity Department, to the benefit of all units.

For more information, please contact Activity Coordinator
Carol Ann McElrea, or 819-826-3266 extension 244

You can also consult the Activities section of our website.


Several Administrative Assistants are available to assist residents with their financial and legal needs.

For more information, please contact Executive Assistant
Sonya Riel, or 819-826-3266 extension 253


The Dentist is on-site once per month.

For more information, please contact Receptionist
Kristie Wright, or 819-826-3266 extension 221


While a denturologist does not come on-site regularly, he will come on request for a $50.00 fee.

For more information, please contact Receptionist
Kristie Wright, or 819-826-3266 extension 221

Food services

All food at the Wales Home is homemade and made from scratch, including all three meals, desserts, and snacks. Menus change depending on the season and are always nutritional and catered to residents’ desires and dietary restrictions. Residents living in the ambulatory units (as well as some apartment residents) eat in the Main Dining Room, while CHSLD residents eat in the dining rooms on their floor. All meals are served by friendly and efficient Food Services staff members.

For more information, please contact Head Chef
Alex Blais-Martin, or 819-826-3266 extension 259

Foot care

A foot care specialist is available once per week to tend to residents’ feet.

For more information, please contact LPN
Karen Banfill, 819-826-3266 extension 256


The Wales Home has two independently contracted hairdressers, who each come on-site two days per week. One hairdresser uses the Wales Home Salon, while the other visits less-mobile residents in their rooms for their appointments.

For more information, please contact Hairdresser
Sharon Brock, 819-826-3266 extension 250.


The Wales Home employs a dedicated team of housekeeping employees to keep the Wales Home clean and sanitary. All bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily, and public spaces are cleaned frequently.


Our System Administrator is available to assist residents with their technological needs. He is also responsible for the emergency call bell system, which is the resident monitoring procedure currently in place. All residents have a call bell bracelet or necklace with a button; when they need assistance, they press the button, which sends a duress alert to employees’ phones. The employee then knows the resident’s exact location and can respond to them immediately.

For more information, please contact System Administrator
Chase Piironen-Clifford, or 819-826-3266 extension 264


The Wales Home washes all its laundry in-house. Apartment and Shaw 4 residents have laundry rooms on their units, while all other residents have their laundry washed for them by our Housekeeping staff.

For more information, please contact Laundry Staff
Glenna Coburn, 819-826-3266 extension 257


Four maintenance men are available to fix broken items, hang frames, and oversee construction and renovations.

For more information, please contact Maintenance Director
Patrick Nolan, or 819-826-3266 extension 226

Massage therapy

A Massage Therapist is on-site once per week and delivers care upon appointment in the Therapy Department.

Medication administration

Licensed Practical Nurses are on-site 24/7. They take care of medication administration, dressings, scheduling of medical appointments, and any other daily medical care the residents require. LPNs also perform bloodwork as needed.


The Wales Home has Registered Nurses on-site 24/7. These individuals are responsible for all residents’ medical care, including those living in apartments.

For more information, please contact Director of Health Services
Audrey Beauchesne, or 819-826-3266 extension 224.

Occupational therapy

The Occupational Therapist is on-site on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She assesses residents’ functional capabilities and implements a treatment and/or intervention plan. She works to develop, maintain, and restore residents’ abilities, and compensates for disabilities or handicaps. She adapts environmental factors in order to facilitate an optimal level of autonomy.

For more information, please contact Occupational Therapist
Kimberly Bailey, or 819-826-3266 extension 241.

Personal care

Ambulatory and long-term care units have one or more caregivers on the floor each shift. Caregivers are present to help residents with bathing, toileting, dressing, eating, and any other daily living task they need assistance with. Caregivers are only a click away; they carry iPods that receive alerts directly from residents’ call bell bracelets, so when residents need assistance, they need only press the button on their bracelet, and a caregiver will appear.


Physiotherapy Technologists are on-site five days per week to assist residents. The PTs conduct exercise classes twice per week and Zumba classes once a week. They also hold aqua fitness classes once per week in the therapeutic pool on-site, and give private classes as needed.

For more information, please contact Physiotherapy Technologists
Edith Bourassa, or 819-826-3266 extension 241 or Nadia Boissonneau, or 819-826-3266 extension 241


Twice per month, a physician visits the Wales Home. He is responsible for all CHSLD residents but will consult other residents as needed.

For more information, please contact Doctor
Robert Frazer, 819-826-3266 extension 242


Our Purchaser organizes a Little Market, where residents can buy small groceries. There is also a bi-weekly errand service, where residents can place an order and have their items delivered to them. The Wales Home also has a volunteer-run Tuck Shop, located on Shaw 1, where residents can buy small items such as snacks and toiletries.

For more information, please contact Purchaser
Jean-Marc Dumont, or 819-826-3266 extension 227

Social work

Our Social Workers are on-site five days per week. They mainly deal with the long-term care units, although they will work with residents on both sides of the building. Their role is to identify residents’ psychosocial, mental, and emotional needs, and provide the support necessary to maintain or improve their well-being. They also provide guidance to families who require emotional support.

For more information, please contact Social Worker
Véronique Guay, or 819-826-3266 extension 254


Recreational Spaces

Billiards Room


Cinema Room



Recreation Room

Therapeutic Pool




Wellness Room