Advantages of Living Here



Safety and Security

When they press the button, a duress alert is sent to employees’ devices, notifying them that the resident needs help, and indicating where the resident is currently located in the building. The Wales Home was the first healthcare facility in Canada to deploy AeroScout’s RTLS both inside and outside the building. Along with ensuring that residents are responded to quickly and efficiently, the RTLS puts both residents and employees’ minds at ease; knowing that a system is in place to maximize safety permits residents to exert their autonomy and venture outside the building at their leisure.




Continuum of care

Our apartments are designed for completely autonomous living (although nursing and personal care services are available), our ambulatory units are for semi-autonomous residents, and our CHSLD offers long-term heavy care. Residents can therefore relocate within the same building as their needs change.




Country setting

Residents and employees alike can enjoy numerous gardens in the summer, gorgeous foliage in the fall, and wildlife year-round.




Home of choice for Anglophone seniors

While residents will be provided care in their spoken language, whether English or French, activities are conducted in English.





The department includes a therapeutic pool, where the Physical Rehabilitation Therapists conduct aqua fitness classes. They also hold exercise classes twice per week and Zumba classes once a week. The Wales Home is unique in that it employs two Physical Rehabilitation Therapists and one Occupational Therapist, so residents benefit from their expertise and on-site services.