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Head of Food Services

SALARY: $22.23 TO $26.07 PER HOUR

Job description

The Head of Food Services's role is to oversee daily food preparation, direct food services, and handle any food-related concerns. Specifically, the Head of Food Services plans menus and ensures meal qualtiy while also supervising food services employees by addressing any complaints, finding solutions, and processing performance evaluations.

Wanted profile

  • DEP in Professional Cooking
  • Phsyically fit (e.g., able to lift fifty-pound bags and stand in a stationary position for long periods)
  • MAPAQ training (Gestionnaire d'établissement alimentaire)
  • Three to five years' experience as Head Cook
  • Previous supervisory experience an asset


For more information, please consult the full job posting: head_of_food_services_2021.pdf

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