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Licensed practical nurse (LPN)

 SALARY : $22.59 - $30.46

Job description

Contribute to the assessment and health status of a person and the completion of the care plan. Provide nursing and medical care and treatment for the purpose of maintaining, restoring and preventing the disease and provide palliative care. Promote a “milieu de vie” and a resident-family centered care approach. The LPN contributes to quality care while following the care tables and the objectives defined in the individual care plans, therapeutic nursing plans, interdisciplinary intervention plans. As LPN, encourage and support caregivers to play their role of the key actor of a lively living environment (milieu de vie animé), including facilitating activities conducted by caregivers and held on the floor. The LPN also contributes to the quality of life of residents, using the Sleep Wake Awareness Program. 

Wanted profile

Client orientation: Oriented on client’s need, Teamwork oriented, fit with the mission, vision and values

Clinical environment: Contribute to the assessment and health status of a person and the completion of the care plan and administer care/treatments, contribute to the achievement of the interdisciplinary intervention plan (PII), use and updated clinical techniques, contribute to quality of care by reporting quality information to his superior

Living environment: adopt a person-family centered care approach, Adhere to the organization recommendation in term of safe living environment for the resident (Ex: Use of proper PPE, use of PDSB, AAPA, Etc.), Contribute to give necessary involvement information to the interdisciplinary team, resident and family

Ethical environment: Comply to all clinical policies and procedures, Comply to the Wales Home code of ethics, employee handbook and deontological code, Demonstrates an impeccable work ethic, by completing any task related to his job description

Professional orientation: Receive and provide clinical supervision, Ensure proper work management (Ex.: Reorganize his/her daily work according to the quantity of work on the unit / needs of client), Able to apply specific clinical programs etc.

  • Oriented on client’s need
  • Good communication skills
  • Autonomous
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Ability to supervise
  • Good listener
  • Leadership
  • Good tutoring skills
  • Demonstrate positive attitude
  • Accountability
  • Promote an harmonious work environment
  • Demonstrate commitment toward the organization
  • Demonstrate willingness to improve by using new tools and constantly seeking to improve them
  • Training participation (Expected)

Self-Managed Teams: Collaborate with and use co-workers strength in finding solutions to problems on the unit, Promote an harmonious work environment


1. Contributes to the assessment of the health status of the resident

2. Communicates pertinent information to the nurse in relation to the health of the resident

3. Transmits pertinent information to the team regarding the resident

4. Provides nursing and medical care and treatment in accordance with the nursing care and treatment plan (PSTI), the treatment/care plan, the therapeutic nursing plan (TNP or PTI) and the prescriptions in effect.

5. Contributes to the completion/achievement of the care plan and TNP and updates the nursing care and treatment plan (PSTI) in collaboration with the nurse

6. Contributes to the clinical follow-up by applying the nursing directives written in the TNP

7. Contributes, in collaboration with the Head nurse, with the measure of risk factors of the residents

8. Ensures the comfort of the resident, sleep and wake hygiene supporting the sleep and wake programs set in place:

a. Contribute to provide conditions for a good night sleep of residents

9. Contributes to the psychological well-being of the resident using a caring with kindness approach

10. Ensures the continuity of care and services by applying different modalities of communication

11. Develops a personalized relationship with the resident and his loved ones

12. Provide nursing and medical care and treatment for the purpose of maintaining, restoring and preventing the disease, taking into account the milieu de vie approach

13. Provide palliative care

14. Applies the principles: collaboration and cooperation through professional positive leadership and mobilizes the team while fostering autonomy, respect and accountability of each individual

15. Performs all other duties relevant to the role of LPN at the request of the immediate supervisor or DHS

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