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Nurse (RN, AIC)

Job description

The role of the Nurse is to assess an individual's health status, determine and ensure the completion of the nursing care and treatment plan, provide nursing and medical care and treatment for the purpose of maintaining the health of the person, as well as providing palliative care.


The Nurse is responsible for

1. The delivery of quality care on the assigned floors, while providing direct care to residents of the assigned unit

2. For the staff management, (excluding the scheduling of absentees)

3. Management of infection prevention measures and OHS measures


  • Works in close collaboration with the LPNs and caregivers to set objectives for each user
  • Ensures the continuity of quality care throughout all shifts via the inter-shift reporting system
  • Promotes the well-being and quality of care of residents using a milieu de vie approach
  • Set objectives for the care plan(s), the TNP, and steers the IIP meetings
  • Keeps the care tables, cue cards of the sleep program and wake activity plans up to date
  • Assists the Head Nurse in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating nursing services to provide quality care to the residents and promote independence and quality of life.

The nurse responds to clinical emergency situations.

Wanted profile

Client orientation: Oriented on client’s need, Teamwork oriented, fit with the mission, vision and values

Clinical environment: administer care/treatments, contribute to the achievement of the interdisciplinary intervention plan (IIP), use and updated clinical techniques

Living environment: adopts a person-family centered care approach, Adhere to the organization recommendation in term of safe living environment for the resident (Ex: Use of proper PPE, use of PDSB, AAPA, Etc.), Contribute to give necessary involvement information to the interdisciplinary team, resident and family

Ethical environment: Comply to all clinical policies and procedures, Comply to the Wales Home code of ethics, employee handbook and deontological code, Demonstrates an impeccable work ethic, by completing any task related to his job description

Professional orientation: Provide education to staff, residents and families, Ensure proper work management, etc.

  • Good communication skills-capability to express onseself fluently in English
  • Good interpersonal relationship and a respectful attitude
  • Autonomous
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Good listener
  • Reliable, responsible
  • Leadership skills
  • Supervision skills 
  • Tutoring skills

Self-Managed Teams: Collaborate with and use co-workers strength in finding solutions to problems on the unit, Promote an harmonious work environment


1. Establishes an alliance with the client and his loved ones

2. Evaluates the health of the client; Each time the nurse performs an assessment, it must be documented in the nursing notes

3. Contributes to creating a physical environment conducive to the well-being of the client

4. Intervenes in order to increase the range of adaptation skills of the client and his / her family

5. Helps to assess the degree of autonomy of the client

6. Maximizes client's abilities and compensates for disabilities

7. Applies fall prevention measures

8. Applies measures for accident prevention

9. Prevents situations of aggressiveness between clients with cognitive deficits

10. Applies preventative pressure wound measures

11. Applies infection prevention measures

12. Treats problems related to pressure wounds

13. Teaches clients, their loved ones, and care team members prevention of pressure wounds

14. Provide the client with the care required in unstable situations

15. Intervenes to relieve chronic pain for the client

16. Intervenes in order to ensure respect for the rights and wishes of the client

17. Administers the medications prescribed to the client according to the medical prescription or protocol

18. Contributes to the evaluation of cognitive functions

19. Adapts communication and approach according to clients' cognitive abilities and disabilities

20. Offers support to family members and to the health care team

21. In collaboration with the healthcare team, plans the care required for the client who presents dysfunctional or undesirable behaviors by placing them in an environment adapted for this clientele, plans the care in order to ensure the safety and the trust of the clients who live with those who exhibit dysfunctional or undesirable behaviors

22. Helps the client in the process of dying and supports loved ones in this life experience

23. Ensures the coordination and the continuity of care

24. Facilitates access to recreational and social activities for clients and their loved ones

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