Mission Statements

Mission Statements and Values

Résidence Wales Home

The Wales Home is committed to respecting the dignity of all seniors by providing them with a clean, safe, and secure homelike environment that promotes independence, friendship, and comfort for its residents and provides a welcoming atmosphere for their friends and families. The Wales Home accomplishes its mission with a valuable team of skilled employees, volunteers, other healthcare professionals, and community partners.



CHSLD Wales Inc.

The Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée Wales Inc. is committed to providing a safe, secure, and “milieu de vie” environment that respects the identity, dignity, and privacy of seniors suffering from cognitive and/or physical limitations. The missions of the CHSLD Wales and Résidence Wales Home are in alignment, recognizing the potential of each resident. The CHSLD Wales objective is to offer optimal quality care and services while encouraging seniors to function at their highest level possible by providing nursing care, therapy, and activities through dedicated professionals and paraprofessionals.



Wales Home Foundation

The Wales Home Foundation’s mission is to generate, receive, and manage funds with a view to long-term profitability; to disburse said funds to the Résidence Wales Home upon request, evaluating benefits to residents and/or employees; to act always in the interests of the residents and employees of the Résidence Wales Home with a view to sustainability of operations.



The deep awareness of another’s suffering coupled with a strong desire to alleviate this hardship.


The Wales encourages employees to make positive change, to learn, grow, and implement Best Practices to create a better future for the Home and CHSLD.


Choosing to do what is right, even when unacknowledged or inconvenient.


Being positive, smiling, and treating one’s coworkers as one would like to be treated to foster appreciation in the workplace.


The Wales wants employees to be open and communicate honestly, while being enthusiastic and mutually respecting and cooperating with coworkers.