Our Team

Our Team


Brendalee Piironen

Brendalee Piironen

Executive Director

Brendalee Piironen

Brendalee Piironen

819-826-3266, extension 247

Born and raised in the Eastern Townships of Québec, Brendalee has always had a passion for working with the elderly. From the ages of seventeen to nineteen, while studying at Champlain College Lennoxville, she worked as a caregiver at the Wales Home. She then studied Psychology at York University. While there, she worked for a private Jewish organization which supports developmentally challenged adults. After her studies, Brendalee returned to the Wales Home as Activity Coordinator. In 2006, she was promoted to Director of Resident Services and, in 2007, to Director of Operations/Acting CEO. In 2008, Brendalee obtained her Certificate in Long-Term Care Management through the Canadian Health Care Association and her Administrator’s Certificate for “not-for-profit long-term care” from the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors; Brendalee was the first person from the province of Québec to be certified through this program. In 2011, Brendalee was appointed Executive Director of the Wales Home. She is the first woman to occupy this position as well as the youngest Executive Director of the Wales Home since its inception in 1921.

France Brousseau

France Brousseau


France Brousseau

France Brousseau

819-826-3266, extension 243

France was born in Gatineau and has been living in Richmond for twelve years. She studied at the Université de Sherbrooke and has since worked as a Chartered Professional Accountant. She is married with two children and started at the Wales Home due to her desire to work close to home and achieve a family-work balance. She loves the people she works with, and enjoys the Home’s respectful, professional environment and human approach.

Vicky Gingras

Vicky Gingras

Director of Health Services

Vicky Gingras

Vicky Gingras

819-826-3266, extension 224

Vicky was born and raised in Sherbrooke and loves the Eastern Townships. She graduated from CEGEP in nursing in 2005 and obtained her BAC in 2007. Vicky has three amazing children, two sons and a daughter, for whom she would do anything. When she was five years old, her grandfather thought she was the most caring person he knew, and he suggested that she become a nurse. This advice stuck; Vicky never thought of working any other profession. She began her career as a caregiver after her first year of nursing school, and worked every floor and every weekend, mostly on evenings, for three years. After she graduated, Vicky worked in the emergency room for seven years before obtaining a position in Home Care Services for almost seven more years, eventually becoming a Coordinator of home palliative care. She has worked as Director of Health Services of the Wales Home since April 2018, which is a new challenge for her. She is an optimist, and being surrounded by such amazing coworkers, residents, volunteers, and family members makes her job extraordinary. Vicky left the public sector because she wants to do more and work with a management team that is understanding towards employees and considerate of their expertise. Employees should be involved in decision-making, which she feels is not common in the public sector. Her experience gives her a unique perspective on the realities of healthcare, and she is therefore very impressed with the level of compassion and high-quality person-centered care she sees at the Wales Home everyday. Vicky is very proud to work at here and invites anyone reading this bio to come visit; she will be delighted to show everyone the Wales Home’s greatness.

Sydney Grainger

Sydney Grainger

Employee Relations Coordinator & Hiring Manager

Sydney Grainger

Sydney Grainger

819-826-3266, extension 223

Sydney was born and raised on a farm in Melbourne, and now resides with her boyfriend in Richmond. She recently graduated from Bishop’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which provides her with unique insight and skills that she brings to the Human Resources Department. Sydney has been working at the Wales Home since 2013 and has occupied various roles since her arrival; she initially worked in Food Services before transitioning to the Wales’s administrative team, where she began as a summer student and eventually assumed the role of Health Services Assistant on a temporary basis. She is now responsible for all psychological aspects of human resources, including hiring and firing, communications, ensuring Accreditation is successfully achieved, conflict resolution, disciplinary measures, and employee relations. Sydney’s compassion drew her to the Wales, and she loves the acts of kindness she witnesses everyday in her workplace. She is proud of the Wales’s Planetree Gold Certification and is excited to continue to grow alongside the organization and her coworkers.

Patrick Nolan

Patrick Nolan

Maintenance Director

Patrick Nolan

Patrick Nolan

819-826-3266, extension 226

Patrick was born in Sherbrooke in 1969 and has a nineteen-year-old son and twenty-two-year-old daughter. Prior to 1992, his career consisted of various jobs, such as mowing lawns for the Caisse Desjardins, working as a bus boy in hotels and a cook/chef in restaurants and hotels. In 1992, he was hired as a cook at St. Joseph Pavilion (CIUSSS) in Sherbrooke, where he worked for four and a half years. Afterwards, he worked as a caregiver for eleven years before beginning a career in Maintenance. Patrick has always had an interest in construction, plumbing, electricity, and general repairs, making him an ideal candidate for the Maintenance Director position he has occupied since January 2016 at the Wales Home. Since then, he has additionally taken on the roles of Head of Housekeeping and Laundry. Patrick finds working at the Wales Home challenging in the best way possible, where camaraderie and team efforts are part of the daily routine.

Chantal Richer

Chantal Richer

Director of Quality and Administrative Services

Chantal Richer

Chantal Richer

819-826-3266, extension 274

Chantal was born in Montréal and raised on the South Shore. She studied Occupational Therapy at the Université de Montréal, obtaining her degree in 1991. She practiced as an Occupational Therapist from 1991 to 2002, specializing in senior care, psychiatry, and rehabilitation. In 1995, she moved to the Eastern Townships and, in 2014, she earned her Master's Degree in Organizational Management and Development from the Université de Laval. After finishing her career as an Occupational Therapist, she worked as a clinical coordinator, chief of staff, and assistant director in the rehabilitation centre in Sherbrooke for the CIUSSS de l'Estrie CHUS.


marie-christine clément-savage

CHSLD Activity Coordinator

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Carol Ann McElrea

Home Activity Coordinator

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Head of Food Services

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Fundraising & Communications Coordinator

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Staff Scheduler & Orientation Coordinator

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Executive Assistante

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Clinical Scheduler & Payroll Coordinator

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Chase Clifford


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Accounting Assistant

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Erica Vander Wal

Health Services Assistant

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Kristie Wright


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Head Nurses

Catherine Frank

Head Nurse – Norton 1 & 2

819-826-3266, extension 232

Camille Pearson

Head Nurse – Résidence

819-826-3266, extension 283

Rebecca Stevens

Head Nurse - Norton 2 & 3

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allen baldwin


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serge jeanson


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casey smith


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Social Work


Psychology Student

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véronique guay

Social Worker

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Kimberly Bailey

Occupational Therapist/Planetree Coordinator

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nadia boissonneau

Physiotherapy Technologist

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Physiotherapy Technologist

819-826-3266, extension 241