Horace Pettes Wales

On June 28th, Horace Pettes Wales, a successful Richmond merchant, dies in his sixty-second year, bequeathing his 162-acre farm in Cleveland and a substantial cash contribution for the purpose of founding a home for Protestant seniors in the Eastern Townships.

In the later years of his life, he retired from active business to the farm, about two kilometers from the Richmond railway station, which had belonged to his family for three generations. His grandfather, Orland Wales, a United Empire Loyalist, was the original settler on the property, and is thought to have come to Canada in 1815. Mr. Wales was born in the United States, where his family had emigrated from England. He is reputed to have been wealthy and owned 500 acres of land surrounding the present farm. Another family member, William Seth Wales, cleared and settled the adjoining farm on the Richmond side, and became a prominent figure in the new community. The dairy farm was kept, providing as much food as possible for the residents to keep costs low and a constant supply of food on the table. Mr. Wales was thus the Home’s very first donor. Although Mr. Wales was childless, he had a brother, who resided in the United States, and three nieces.



A campaign was launched

A campaign was launched, under the leadership of notary B.C. Howard and in collaboration with four ministers, to raise construction funds for a suitable building and provide an endowment for operating costs. By May 31st, $175,000.00 had been raised.



Construction begins

In the spring, a $70,00.00 contract was awarded to Newton and Dakin of Sherbrooke for the construction of a home for forty-one residents. The Wales Home was then founded by an act of the Quebec Legislature.



The first resident moves into the Home

On March 17th, the Wales’s first resident, Mr. Chas Mackie, moved into the Home. Mr. Mackie was the first of 3,764 residents and counting to call the Wales Home “home.”



Norton Memorial Pavilion

To meet the demand for accommodations for seniors, the “Norton Memorial Pavilion,” now known as the Norton Memorial Wing, was built. Construction began on May 15th, with the contract awarded to the Stewart Construction Company of Sherbrooke.

This expansion was made possible through the generosity of Miss Helen Norton of Coaticook and Mr. Harry A. Norton of Ayer’s Cliff as a memorial for their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Norton. The structure was completely fire-proof and consisted of three stories. The basement was composed of staff accommodations, a workshop, small personal laundry, and storage. The main floor became an eighteen-bed infirmary, while the upper floor provided accommodation for twenty-three residents, bringing the total amount of residents to eighty-two. The Wales Home’s first elevator was installed during this expansion.



The demand for accommodations again rose.

The Norton wing was thus complimented by a large new extension on the other side of the building, now designated the Shaw Wing. This five-story expansion brought the Wales Home’s occupancy level to 155 residents. At this time, the Wales Home had thirty-two employees.



The Home is expanding.

An extension was made to the Norton Wing and an additional floor was added to the Shaw Wing.



The Manning Wing.

The Manning Wing was built as a new, three-story addition to the Shaw Wing.



the Wales Home Foundation.

The Executive Committee of the Wales Home decided to establish the Wales Home Foundation. The reason for this decision was to insulate the funds that have been given and bequeathed to the Home over the last seventy years, and which will be given or bequeathed in the future, from the threat of government appropriation. In establishing such a foundation, the Executive followed the example of most long-established non-profit institutions in the healthcare and educational fields in Quebec over the last few decades.



Brendalee Piironen was appointed Executive Director of the Wales Home.

Since being assigned this role, Brendalee has helped increase occupancy, established strong working relationships with various organizations, obtained millions of dollars for the Foundation, obtained MSSS Certification and CQA Accreditation several times, managed the legal division of the Home into two entities, obtained government funding, designed and supervised numerous renovation and expansion projects, developed branding and marketing tools, implemented fifteen best practices, and managed the sale of Wales Home Farm. Brendalee is the first female Executive Director of the Wales Home, as well as the youngest person to occupy this position.



The Wales Home achieves its first Certification and the CHSLD achieves its first Accreditation.

Certification must be done every two years, and accreditation every five (although it used to be required every three years). The Wales Home is thus undergoing its sixth Certification in 2019 and will be embarking on its fourth Accreditation in 2021.



The Wales Home legally splits into two separate entities.

The Wales Home legally splits into two separate entities, the Résidence Wales Home and the CHSLD Wales Inc. Both entities are housed under the same roof; the Home contains private rooms and apartments for 102 autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors, while the CHSLD side is home to ninety-six seniors requiring specialized long-term care. Once the Home was legally divided, renovations were done to the CHSLD to modernize the three Norton units. Each of these units can accommodate thirty-two residents, while Central (the upper floor of the CHSLD) can accommodate fifteen.



The Wales Home was chosen as one of the prestigious winners in the AVIVA Insurance Community Fund.

The Wales Home actively competed for months prior to winning this Canada-wide competition, which provides one million dollars in funding for projects that have a fundamental impact on the community at large. The Wales Home’s project, a Therapeutic Garden designed specifically for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementias, was selected as a winner among an initial 1724 projects! Today, over 500,000 Canadians live with a form of dementia (Alzheimer Society Canada).

The Wales Home wished to create a secure and serene space to help residents and family members cope with the disease and enjoy the outdoors. The Therapeutic Garden was completed on July 30th and contains four distinct areas. The first area is a small vegetable garden, with berries and apple trees, where residents can maintain and harvest their own crops. The second area is designed for aromatherapy and contains flowers and plants that attract birds and butterflies. There is additionally a third area designed specifically for birds, with a fountain, bird baths, and feeders. Finally, the fourth area is completely shaded by trees and is meant to be a calm, private retreat for residents and family members.

The Garden is one of the Wales Home’s first Best Practices; since its construction, the Wales Home has implemented fourteen others.



the Wales Home made the decision to sell the Wales Home Farm

In May, the Wales Home made the decision to sell the Wales Home Farm, including dairy quota, cows, and farm machinery. The Wales Home also earned four outstanding awards this year, including Reconnaissance Estrie from the Centre d’aide aux entreprises, Résidence de l’année, McKnights Excellence in Technology Award, and the Prix d’excellence du reseau de la santé et des services sociaux.



The Wales Home renovated its existing Dining Room to modernize the space.

The original Dining Room was built in 1954 when the Shaw wing was added. The tables and chairs were then updated in 1969. Although the space was safe and clean, it lacked the “homelike” atmosphere the Wales Home strives to maintain for its residents. The orange vinyl-covered chairs and laminate tabletops reflected 1960s style and needed an update for a more contemporary ambiance. Efficiency was also considered during this renovation, with the installation of additional storage spaces and a high-powered dishwasher for increased sanitation.

Atmosphere is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a pleasurable dining experience, which can maximize older individuals’ food intake, who often suffer from nutritional deficiencies. In the same year, the nursing stations on Manning 1, Manning 2, and Central were renovated to improve work efficiency and facilitate confidentiality.



The Wales Home once again earned three major awards.

The Wales Home once again earned three major awards: PÉPINES (Promotion des estriennes pour initier une nouvelle équité sociale), highlighting Brendalee’s achievements to date; Most Innovative Corporation from the Centre d’aide aux entreprises; and the Grand Prix Québécois de la Qualité. The Recreation Room on Shaw 4 was also renovated this year.



The Mitchell Wing inauguration.

On April 25th, the Wales Home Foundation proudly inaugurated the Mitchell Wing, part of the existing Shaw building’s fourth floor, which was renovated thanks to a generous contribution by Dr. Nelson Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell’s family has been associated with the Wales Home for three generations.

The Mitchell Wing enhances services tailored to meet the needs and expectations of an autonomous clientele. Three large suites, a chapel, kitchenette and laundry room provide residents with all the comforts of home within a safe and secure environment. The Mitchell Wing also houses a Wellness Room, an area designed to help reduce stress and improve resident, employee, family member, and volunteer wellness. This Best Practice gathers several elements conducive to a peaceful regenerating retreat all in one room, including a virtual aquarium (E-Sea/Sky Factory), massage chairs, aroma and light therapy, yoga mats, and a Zen mural. Autonomous shower rooms were also built on both Manning 1 and 2.



CHSLD Wales Inc. signs a financial agreement with CIUSSS de l'Estrie CHUS.

On August 1st, 2017, the CHSLD Wales Inc. signed a fifteen-year financial agreement with the CIUSSS de l’Estrie CHUS that will ensure the sustainability of the long-term care facility with a renewable contract thereafter. By signing this agreement, the CHSLD obtained several gains, including its long-term survival, equity for its residents, increased staffing, and improved working conditions for its employees. The agreement will allow current and future residents to receive the same benefits as government-funded long-term care facilities, such as rates established by the RAMQ, which determine what a person can afford to pay, not exceeding $1,596.00 per month for a semi-private room or $1,910.40 per month for a private room. Medication and all other medical necessities will be paid by the CHSLD through the new government funding. Before this agreement was signed, residents paid an average of 180 percent more than those living in a public CHSLD.

On October 7th, the Wales Home held an open house for its newly built Front-of-House expansion. This project included a new garbage and recycling facility; new shipping and receiving dock complete with large stock room, fridge, and freezer; an expanded dining room to accommodate visitors; an outdoor dining and lounge space; a new front entrance including a car port and automatic doors; an indoor therapeutic pool complete with shower rooms; a new and larger therapy locale, including new equipment and space for massage therapy; new and centralized offices complete with the Mitchell Board Room, small meeting room, and kitchenette; newly renovated Living Room, including the Bodtker Lounge, complete with cinema and billiards rooms; and finally, an extension to Central that provides adequate dining space for the unit’s fifteen residents.



On October 10th, the Wales Home received its Gold Certification in Person-Centred Care from Planetree International in Boston.

The Home is one of only eighty-two healthcare facilities in the world to carry this prestigious honour. While in Boston, the Home also received two other awards: A Global Person-Centred Care Innovation Award for its Wellness Room and a Planetree Scholar Award, recognizing Brendalee for her commitment and achievement as a proponent of person-centered care. The Wales Home also received the “Recreation and Quality of Life” award from the Fédération Québécoise du loisir en institution.



the Wales Home expanded its Norton long-term care units from eighty-four to ninety-six CHSLD beds.

To meet the demands of the aging English-speaking community, the Wales Home expanded its Norton long-term care units from eighty-four to ninety-six CHSLD beds. The project meets the Government’s recommendation of thirty-two residents per unit and will allow improved operational efficiency while contributing to enhanced care. The three-story expansion to the Norton Wing will include forty-two modern private rooms, equipped with their own washroom. Each unit will be furnished with a second bathing facility, expanded living and dining rooms, a nursing office, and a large solarium overlooking the valley with floor-to-ceiling windows. During construction, renovations will also be done to modernize the existing units. The CHSLD expansion will incorporate a superior building envelope with triple-glazed windows and a geo-exchange heating and cooling source that will substantially reduce consumption of electricity and thus operating costs for energy.

The Wales Home is also in the process of renovating its ambulatory rooms on Shaw and Manning 1 and 2. After the renovations are complete (in 2020), each bedroom will have its own private bathroom, which will increase privacy and infection control. There will also be a variety of room sizes (small, medium, medium plus, large, large plus, and suites). The suites have full bathrooms, including a shower.