Accreditation Canada - General Debriefing

Last year we embarked on the accelerated Qmentum Long-Term Care program. The Qmentum Long-Term Care program is an accreditation program that guides and supports Long Term Care homes on a continuous quality improvement journey to deliver safe, high-quality, and reliable care to their residents. All healthcare facilities in Quebec must be accredited through Accreditation Canada.

This week, two surveyors from Accreditation Canada are onsite (Jennifer Hobbs Roberts and Vincent Tam) to observe our CHSLD on a regular day of operation. The surveyors were onsite today and again tomorrow; they have spoken to employees and residents about their working and living environment. Some of you have met with the surveyors either individually or in a group setting (thank you for your participation). Tomorrow they will continue to meet with residents, employees, family members and community partners.

The surveyors will give a general debriefing summarizing the strengths and opportunity for improvements on Wednesday, September 27th at 10:30 AM in the Main living room of the Wales Home. This meeting is open to the public; you are invited to attend the sharing of information.


Brendalee Piironen
Executive Director

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